07 October 2010
Geofluid - Starting in great style. Metax - Excellence from Piacenza among European giants
07 October 2010
Metax, Cima S.p.A. - Geofluid 2010
Metax - Cima S.p.A.’s geotechnical division headquartered in Piacenza - partecipates in the 18th Edition of "Geofluid Drilling and Foundation - International Exhibition & Conference on Tecnology and Equipment for Prospecting, Extracting and Conveying Undergroung Fluids," at PiacenzaExpo, which will bring 400 companies from all over the world together this year.
On this occasion, Metax will present MP9, a particularly performing motor pump for injecting cement through the jet-grouting technique, which stands out for its versatility, as it can be also used as a mud pump.

Abstract of the article published in La Cronaca - October 7, 2010