16 July 2014
Costa Concordia also floats thanks to Cima S.p.A , company from Piacenza
16 July 2014
The resurfacing of the wreck of the Costa Concordia is certainly one of the most watched media events of this period. The cruise ship tragically sank in January of 2012 just a few meters from the coast of Giglio Island in Tyrrhenian Sea. Thirty-two people died as a result of the wrong maneuvering of Captain Francesco Schettino, who is still under process.
Now the ship is floating and later this week the final stage of this colossal operation of recovery could occur. The wreck will be towed to Genoa and then disassembled.

Cima S.p.A., company from Piacenza, took part in two distinct phases at this operation of recovery. Last year, it provided some components of the underwater structure for the maintenance of the wreck. Earlier this year, it was contacted again to produce 12 steel pipes and other components to allow for the reemergence, which is more complicated than the experts had expected .
The structures produced by the company from Piacenza have served to reinforce the resurfaced side of the Costa Concordia, that appeared much more deteriorated than previously thought, as Ettore Dordoni, Cima S.p.A.’s Chiarman, explains.
Dordoni concludes: "Now the ship is floating, everything went as it should go, we are satisfied."

Andrea Pasquali
Article published in Piacenza24 - September 16, 2014