07 September 2012
Cima S.p.A. will participate in the implementation of mega-structures to be fixed on the seabed: A project costing more than 300 million dollars.
07 September 2012
The company Cima S.p.A. from Piacenza was involved in the project of the American company Titan Salvage which together with the Italian firm Micoperi from Ravenna will deal with the removal of the gigantic Costa Concordia wreck, weighting over 114 thousand tons, which ran aground a few hundred meters from the shores of the Giglio Island, in the Tuscan archipelago.
The company from Piacenza - along with other Italian companies that produce oil platforms and therefore have assembly basins along piers at their disposal – was involved in the construction of carpentry structures of three thousand tons each, which have to be fixed to the seabed, near the ship that ran aground last January.

Cima S.p.A - a historical company in our area - is involved in the project (which will cost more than US$ 300 million) with two specific missions: it will provide pumps with a high technological content that will be used to "inject" cement deep into the rocks for the implementation of mega-structures that will allow the removal of the ship, and will build some tubular components for the mega-structures.
The problem, as highlighted by Ettore Dordoni, C.E.O. of Cima S.p.A., will be the construction of the structures at very short notice, since the gigantic Costa Concordia ship, almost 300 meters long, must be completely removed by next spring.

And afterwards? What will happen to the cruise ship that costs millions of dollars? Will it be recovered? Absolutely not: the 300 million dollars will also be used to remove the wreck, which will then be scrapped and destroyed.

Abstract of the article published in Piacenza 24 - September 7, 2012