20 August 2013
NEWS: The batching and injection plant with bulk bags equipment and diesel JMP5DA-60
20 August 2013
The batching and injection plant with bulk bags equipment JMP5DA-60 was mainly conceived in order to obtain, through a high turbulence mixing of water and cement powder, a cement mixture (cement grout) up to 1/2,5 ratio, or, by using water and bentonite powder, a bentonite milk for plastic muds.
The cement-based or bentonite-based mixture is prepared by the mixer and then transferred to the storage tank with agitator. The prepared mixture can be then pumped or transferred by means of a single double effect piston pump that is used for injection, transfer or consolidation operations according to the expected geotechnical activities.
The oil hydraulic system allows the single piston pump to control both high flow rates at low pressures as well as small flow rates at highpressures.

The plant consists of the following units:
- water tank
- mixer JM3SA
- storage tank with agitator JA1
- injection pump IM75
All the units are controlled by

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