22 June 2014
"METAX" IC 90-4 Vertical Injection Pump for Cross Passage Grouting
22 June 2014
Tescar Equipments Private Limited (TEPL)

We have pleasure in informing that Tescar Equipments Private Limited (TEPL) have introduced the ‘METAX’ Vertical Injection Pump for the first time in India, for Cross Passage Grouting in Underground tummel . TEPL recently supplied and commissioned 3 units of Metax Pump Model IC 90 -4, in Chennai metro rail project for ‘Cross passage’ Grouting in the underground Tunnel (Package UA 05) being executed by Afcons Infrastructure. The ‘Metax’ range of grouting systems are manufactured by CIMA SpA, Italy, a global leader in Grouting equipment with nearly 3 decades of experience and is represented in India by TEPL. CIMA have more than 450 installations of the METAX High pressure Triplex pumps, over 250 installations of Grout mixing & batching plants and several hundred supplies of Grout Injection pumps, working successfully to the satisfaction of leading ground engineering contractors in over 20 countries, involved in underground Tunnelling projects for Metro Rail, Hydro-Electric Projects etc.

The METAX IC 90 is a Single Piston, Double Effect Pump capable of delivering upto 35 LPM in the Low Pressure mode with Max pressure developed at 60 Bar. In the ‘Sheath Breaking’ Mode, the pump can develop 100 Bar with the maximum delivery in this mode being 16 LPM. AT the CMRL site, One Pump each was usedfor Cement Grout & Accelerator,pumped in a specific ratio, at a discharge pressure of 8 to 10 Bar. The Stroke Counter on the Pumps helps in the easy synchronising and the Pump has features for the independent regulation of the pressure & Flow. .

Metax -  Cima S.p.A.

* The METAX product range includes:
- High Pressure Triplex Pumps for Jet Grouting.
- Grout Batching & Mixing plants.
- Piston and Screw Type Injection; Grouting Pumps for Backfill & Cross; Passage Grouting and Slope consolidation.

Metax  Triplex Pumps Model MP-7 as well as Grout Plants Model JM-30 are in operation in the Chennai Metro Project for L&T –SUCG JV through their Sub-contractor M/s. Bumi Geo.
Bauer  Germany  for L&T have also deployed  Metax Jet grouting equipment in the Bhutan ‘Punatsangchhu- 1’ Hydro-Electric project.

We welcome you to experience the ‘METAX’ advantage and It will be our pleasure to receive your valued enquiries:
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