17 January 2012
Metax - Cima S.p.A.
17 January 2012
Metax was founded in 1987 with two precise aims: firstly, to design and produce machinery for the specialized building industry; secondly, to provide assistance for pre-existing equipment or the refitting of equipment needing to be brought up to standards of absolute safety and maximum productivity for specific production processes.

All this is done through close collaboration with clients in order to respond to their every requirement regarding specific problems that may arise when starting up new projects or carrying out particularly complicated building processes. Design, production, operating assistance and maintenance of our equipment have always been carried out in interaction with, and in response to, real problems encountered in the field, above all thanks to the collaboration of our experts with our clients, from time to time leading to the choice of avant-garde techniques, but never losing sight of the basic requirements of the machinery which are: maximum productivity, reliability and safety.

In the production field, Metax immediately focused on the construction of high-pressure pumps for jet grouting applications, for the pumping of drilling muds and the transfer of liquids ingeneral, with the introduction on the market of its main models based on size classification MP3 – MP4 – MP5 – MP7 – MP9. In the years that followed, Metax gradually broadened its range of products for specialized civil engineering and for geotechnics and now has a considerable line-up of machinery from mixing plants JM5 – JM 12 – JM18 – JM30, mixer JM10 – JM35 – JM70, mixture store tanks JA1 – JA2 – JA3 – JA6 – JA10, not forgetting the injection pumps series IC90 – IM90 – IM114, and finally Compact Plants (Mixing Plant + injection) JMP4 – JMP8 – JMP12.

Thanks to constant company expansion through the years, Metax has been successful in reaching another two objectives: the first was to flank the manufacture of traditional products with the provision of other services, all thanks to the creation of a worldwide sales and assistance network built up through the careful growth of its expert personnel both from the professional point of view and in terms of numbers of employees.

Therefore we are proud to be able to guarantee technical assistance to clients anywhere in the world, and to provide geotechnical consultancy able to deal with a large variety of problems including the choice of drilling and injection systems, consultancy regarding the type of equipment to use, starting up building sites, the training of personnel, and last but not least, a stock of machinery for hire.

The second objective was to diversify its production by branching out into the oil and gas drilling field, with the production of specific mud pumps, with an additional innovative control system and remote control managed by dedicated computers. In 2000, Metax obtained ISO 9001 certification from the BVQI certification agency, an independent certification agency of Bureau Veritas, accredited by Sincert and operating on the basis of national and international regulations in 140 countries.

Since 2002 Metax has been part of CIMA SpA, a union of three existing companies of the same group, i.e.:
Cima snc (manufacturer of structural carpentry and equipment for the concrete industry), Sicom snc (manufacturer of special fittings, pipes and flanges of calendered sheet metal), and Metax snc. Metax has also kept its own trademark as Geotechnical Department, now known worldwide as a synonym of quality, reliability and productivity. Today Metax is ready to meet the new challenges presented by the continual evolution of markets by investing in four directions.
In human resources: this has meant further strengthening of the design sector, the continuous training of technicians and the creation of synergies with other companies specialized in building, oil, gas and Directional Drilling.
In new real estate investments: this has culminated in the building of new offices, of a new warehouse, in the expansion of production areas and in the rationalization of manufacturing processes.
In new products: our constant target is the fulfilment of new prototypes that are yearly launched on the market
In new services: with the development of new software programs produced and the constant updating of the existing ones specifically by us to the requirements of the clients.